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Wreath Care

Dried Flower Wreath Care

Dried floral wreaths are composed of natural flowers that have been dried to keep their original color and appearance.  Minimal use of preservatives are applied to keep the natural look of the flowers.  A dried wreath is meant to provide many months of enjoyment if cared for properly. 

When handling a dried floral wreath it is important to take care.  Since the florals are dried they can be bent and broken from the arrangement if proper care is not taken.  For this reason we craft our dried arrangements with special care and an extra amount of foliage to ensure that the wreath remains full during the handling process.  A bit of shedding of foliage is to be expected during handling.
Be sure to hang your dried floral wreath in a cool, well ventilated room that is away from humidity.  Humidity is a dried flower wreaths' worst enemy.  It can cause the florals to turn limp and go brown.  Make sure to keep the dried wreath away from direct sunlight, which can cause the flowers to become brittle and lose their color.

Preserved Wreath Care

Preserved wreaths, like eucaplyptus wreaths, have been handcrafted of dried florals that have been preserved with glycerin and a dye to create the color of the finished product. The glycerin substitutes the water in the plant material and makes the finished wreath less brittle than a dried wreath. A preserved wreath will have longer longevity than a basic dried wreath.
Preserved wreaths such as eucalyptus wreaths are great for indoor use and they smell wonderful, but are not recommended for outdoor use as they can stain surfaces if exposed to high humidity or hot climates. Eucalyptus wreaths may "bleed" colors on to walls and doors under these conditions.
For this reason it is not recommended to display a preserved wreath on any outdoor door unless you are in a very low humidity, cool environment that doesn't get wet.  If a preserved wreath gets dusty over time, gently clean it with a soft brush or a hair dryer set on the lowest setting.

Silk Wreath Care

Silk wreaths are the easiest type of wreath to care for and provide the most longevity for display because they are made of silk materials. Expect the wreath to fade over time if it is exposed to direct sunlight.  Door wreaths are generally made of silk material and they are recommended for outdoor or indoor use as they withstand the natural elements well.  When it comes time to clean your wreath use a hair dryer on a low setting to blow the dust off the wreath.  It is natural for a wreath to accumulate dust and particles if displayed outisde for a long time period.



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