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How To Measure A Wreath

By Landis Holman

An often overlooked element of crafting or buying a wreath is how to determine the size of the wreath.  This can be a tricky business if you aren't familiar with what the term wreath size means.  There are two measurements that are often referenced when talking about the size of a wreath.

1) Diameter- The diameter of the wreath is the main measurement.  When you see that a wreath is 22 inches it means that it measures that distance from one end of the wreath to the otherWreaths tend to measure just a tad smaller than the advertised wreath measurements to give extra space for wispy florals.


(Featured Wreath:  The Orchard Bounty Dried Floral Wreath)


Keep in mind that a wreath is not a perfect circle.  So when you measure diagonally the measurement might vary from when you measure directly across the wreath.  Also, each wreath is handcrafted so the protruding florals are included in the measurement, not just the base of the wreath. 


(Featured Wreath: Woodland Garden Silk Door Wreath)


2) Depth- The depth of a wreath is the measurement from the front of the wreath to the back of the base.  This is a critical measurement if you are placing your wreath on a front door that has a screen door or storm door in front.  The depth will determine if the wreath will fit in that space comfortably. Front door wreaths with a grapevine woody base usually have a wider depth than dried flower wreaths which are crafted using a metal wire base.  Be sure to measure the distance between your screen door and your front door before buying a wreath to ensure the best fit. 



 (Featured Wreath: Orchard Bounty Dried Flower Wreath)

Decorating Tip: Use the size of the wreath to adjust your décor.  If you have a large open space indoors, such as over the fireplace or a bare interior wall, think about using a 28" wreath or bigger to really accent the space.  On the other hand if your front door is smaller or you are decorating a wall with other accents, choose a smaller wreath to provide a tasteful touch to the space.



So now that we are familiar with the measurements of a wreath it's much easier to know what size wreath will work well for the intended decorating space. 

Happy Decorating!


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