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DIY Mesh Ribbon Valentine Wreath – “Say It With Love”

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DIY Mesh Deco Valentine Wreath Tutorial

What better way to say Happy Valentines Day then with this sparkly mesh deco wreath? Even though it looks involved, this mesh deco ribbon wreath is easy to craft in a few simple steps. This valentine wreath tutorial is a contrast of festive colors: valentine pink, romantic red, and a smattering of white. Follow along to make your front door the envy of all of your neighbors!

What you are going to need from your local craft store:

Roll of 21" deco mesh

Work wreath form

2 1/2" ribbon (15 ft. roll, 2 patterns)

1 1/2" ribbon (15 ft. roll, )

Valentine picks

LOVE hanging décor

Floral wire

Glue gun


Valentine Wreath Tutorial Materials

Getting started. Gather the end of the mesh and attach it to the work wreath form using the sprig branches on the form. Begin on the inside ring. This will make it easier to manipulate the mesh as the wreath form starts getting full.


Then move down the mesh about 8 inches and allow the mesh to make a puff. Once again gather the mesh and attach it to the work wreath.


Continue this all the way around the inside ring of the work wreath. Then move to the outer ring and continue the same process all the way around the outer ring.


Now the wreath is formed, let's decorate. Take the end of the ribbon and make a loop. I chose the plainer of the 2 wider ribbons to begin with. With the loop in hand, attach the ribbon to the work wreath. I started on the outer ring . Continue attaching the ribbon to the wreath over the top of the mesh, alternating from the outer to the inside ring of the work wreath. I made a loop each time, when attaching the ribbon to the outer ring.



Once this step is complete, take the other pattern of the 2 2/1" ribbon and cut eight 12" strips. Remember to cut a duck tail in each end of the ribbon strips to add a little flare.


Add the strips to the wreath on each of the sprigs branches that do not already have ribbon attached to them. There will be sprigs on both the outer and inside ring. This simple step will add color and fullness to the wreath.



Now take the 1 1/2" ribbon and following the same pattern as the plainer wide ribbon, attach it around the wreath. Just as with the wide ribbon, alternating from the inside and outer loop. One tricky step here is using the same sprigs on the work wreath form. Using wired ribbon makes this easier.


Now for addition fullness, take the 1 1/2" ribbon and make 2 loops. Twist floral wire around the center of the loops leaving about 4" of the wire to hang off the back. Use this floral wire to secure the loops to the wreath. I added mine over the top of the loops I did on the outer ring of the wreath.



Next I glued a few whimsical valentine picks around the wreath. Note, it only takes a small amount of glue since the picks are very light weight.



Finally to add the "Love" to this creation. Take the wire on the back of the "Love" wall hanging and run in through the mesh to the back side of the wreath. I chose a spot where there was a sprig branch. This allowed for closer access to the back side, plus it allowed the wire to slide down between two puffs of the mesh hiding it from view.


Valentine wreath tutorial diy

WOW!!! Now this will surely POP on your front door. I hope you enjoy making a wreath of your own this Valentine season. And remember to share the love!

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