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DIY Purple Ribbon Wreath "Beauty Of Love"

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Simple but inspiring, this DIY mesh wreath can be crafted in just minutes.  Follow this tutorial and see just how its made.

All you need is:

16" work wreath

1 roll of deco mesh

1 roll of 2 1/2' ribbon

2 rolls of 1 1/2" ribbon (1 solid color and 1 printed)

wall plaque

scissors and wire cutters on hand


Now let's start with adding the mesh. I started on the inside ring of the work wreath. Then I gather the mesh every 12" and attach it using the wire twigs on the work wreath. Simply twist the twigs around the mesh as you work your way around.


When you finish the inside go to the outside ring and continue adding the mesh just as you did on the inside ring.


Next cut the 2 1/2" ribbon into strip. Each strip should be approximaately18". You only need to cut 6 strips.


Fold the ribbon into a bow.  Attach to the wreath using the wire twigs. 


You only need to add a few of these bows to the work wreath. I added 6.  3 on each ring.


Now cut the other 2 ribbons in 18" strips. Use the teal first. Make loops like with the green ribbon and add a teal bow to all the other twigs.  This will fill in the wreath.


Final layer is the printed ribbon.  Once again make loops and add the bows, attaching them over the teal bows.


This is a great color combination.


One last step is to add the plaque.  I used the wire already attached to the plaque. Cut it in half.  Center the plaque in the middle of the wreath. Run the wire down through the mesh and wrap it around the frame on the back side.




I am inspired each time I have the opportunity to be creative.  What inspires you?!  I hope you find inspiration in this wreath and the wise words of Rumi.

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