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DIY Burlap Easter Wreath

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Too Cute. Catch this bunny before he gets away.  And catch this tutorial before Easter passes.  This is a really simple DIY Burlap Easter wreath project.  All you will need is:

Straw Wreath

3 Rolls of Burlap

Daisy Bush

Bunny Tail Pick

Assorted Easter Picks

Floral Pins


The primary step is adding the burlap to the straw wreath.  Begin by gathering the end of the burlap, place it along the inner circle of the wreath.  Press a floral pin down through the burlap into the straw wreath.


Measure down the burlap approximately 6 inches and gather it again.


Press a floral pin down through this gather in the burlap.  The floral pins should be spaced approximately 2 inches apart.


Repeat this process all around the inside until you meet your starting point.


Next move to the outer edge of the straw wreath and continue the process.


Last but not least, move to the inside or middle of the wreath and add burlap using the same technique.  By adding to the middle last you will be able to cover the burlap edges on the other two rings.


To prepare my accessories, I clipped the bush of daisies along with the Easter picks into pieces.


First add the flowers.  The firm wire stem will press securely down into the straw.  Arrange the flowers on the lower left side of the wreath.



As you can see from the picture above, I left a space among the flowers to place the bunny tail.  Press the wire underneath the bunny down into the straw wreath.


Add the other picks among the flowers.  All of the picks have wires that can be easily stuck down into the straw.  For added stability you may add a dab of glue to the ends.  I didn't find it necessary to use any adhesive.


Quick and easy plus super cute.  This is a DIY Easter wreath favorite.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Easter.

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