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DIY "Basket of Flowers" Fall Mesh Wreath

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Just one more fall wreath. And this lovely DIY fall wreath reminds me of a basket of flowers hanging on the wall. Only a few supplies needed for this crafty treat.

Roll of burlap mesh

Work wreath

Fall floral picks

Stem flowers

2 1/2" ribbon

Floral wire and glue gun


Having a good foundation is key when crafting any decorative wreath.  Let's begin with attaching mesh to the inside ring of the work wreath.  Gather the end of the mesh and secure it to the work wrath by twisting the tinsel sprigs around it..


Next measure down the mesh approximately 4" and gather it again.


Now attach mesh at the point of the gather to the wire frame of the work wreath using floral wire. 


Measure another 4" and gather again, this time attach it using the next twigs on the work wreath.  It is a really simple process.  Between each tinsel sprig the mesh will be attached using floral wire.  In doing so you will notice that the number of  loops of mesh around the work wreath have now doubles.  These smaller more frequent loops of mesh will give more body to the wreath as well as creating a firm foundation for decorations.


When you have worked your way around the inside ring, move to the outer ring and repeat process.  Remember the pattern is tinsel sprigs, floral wire, tinsel sprigs, etc.


The next step is crazy simple.  Just arrange the floral picks in your desired  pattern.  Use a dab of hot glue to hold the picks in place.



Wreaths are customarily hung on windows, walls or doors.  Here is a great idea. Displaying the wreath over this aged window frame adds to it's rustic charm. Simply hang the distressed window sash on the wall and wire the wreath to the frame.

Looks great. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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