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DIY Mesh Easter Wreath

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Here's another nifty DIY Mesh Easter Wreath. This is too cute to do without.  Let me show you how to make one.  To start with you need  a work wreath and a roll of deco mesh. 21" width.

To build the foundation for your wreath, gather the end of the mesh and secure it to the inside ring of the work wreath using the tinsel sprigs on the work wreath.

Now gather the mesh every 12 to 14 inches and attach it as you work your way around the wreath.

Once you have circle the inside loop, move to the outside loop and continue around.

OK so we have  something to work with.  Let's get decorative.  I used:

floral picks

2 colors of mesh tubing

foam eggs

2 1/2" ribbon

bunny head

Start with the ribbon.  Pinch the end and attach it to the inside ring of the wreath using the tinsel sprigs.

Add ribbon around the inside of the wreath.  Gather and attach, it's simple.

Next cut strips of ribbon.  Each one approximately 14" long.  Attach a strip to each tinsel sprig on the outside ring of the wreath.


Cut pieces in each color of the tubing and loop the pieces.  Attach the loops over the top of the ribbon strips on the outside ring of the wreath.

For the inside ring, just string the tubing around the inside attaching it with the tinsel sprigs.

To attach the floral pick in the middle, feed the stem down through the mesh and wrap it around the wreath frame on the back side.

Take the other large pick and cut apart each curl.

Insert the wire end of the curl into the mesh and wrap it around the wreath frame.  Add one curl where there is a tinsel sprig on the outside ring of the wreath.

The rest of the items (bunny head and foam eggs) are easily attached with a little hot glue.  Finish it off with a bow and your Mesh Easter wreath is ready to be hung.  Light weight and light hearted, this DIY wreath project is a favorite.

Happy Easter

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