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Mesh Valentine Wreath DIY Tutorial "Quarter Kisses"

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Just for fun let me show you an easy DIY mesh valentine wreath that will bring a laugh and maybe a kiss or two. All you need is:

Wire wreath frame

Roll of white deco mesh 21" width

Roll of black deco mesh 3" width

2 rolls of 2 1/2" ribbon (1 red, 1 pink patterned)

Roll 1 1/2" ribbon

Pink pipe cleaners

Valentine Picks (pink and read hearts, feathers)

Sign "Kisses ..."


Time for fun. In order to attach the mesh, we must first add these pink pipe cleaners.  On the wreath frame there are cross bars.  At each cross bar, wrap a pipe cleaner around the two outer rings of the wire wreath form.




Now add a pipe cleaner in between the cross wires. Wrapping it around the two inside rings of the wreath.



Ok. We have our frame ready. Let's add the mesh.  Gather the end of the mesh and secure it to the wreath by twisting the pipe cleaner around it. Start on the inside ring of the wreath.


Now gather the mesh every 12" and attach it to the wreath with each pipe cleaner as you work your way around the inside ring.  When you have circled the inside ring, move to the outside ring and continue until you have circled the outside ring.



Next we will use the 3" mesh.  Start by making loops with the mesh.  Where the loops cross, attach it to the wreath. Starting on the outside ring.  Twist the pipe cleaner around the center of the loops.


Now cross the mesh over to the inside ring and attach it.  You will continue this crisscross technique from the inside ring to the outside ring all the way around.  Each time making loops on the outside ring only.



To add the color, we use ribbon.  Cut 12" strips of each ribbon size and patterns.  I always cut a chevron in the ends. You will need to cut 12 pieces of each ribbon pattern.


Take one piece of each ribbon, hold them together and pinch them in the middle.


Now attach these gathered ribbons to the wreath by twisting the pipe cleaners around them.


Add the ribbon trio to each of the pipe cleaners on the outside ring of the wreath.  but only add a ribbon trio to every other pipe cleaner on the inside ring.


This cute little sign already had wire attached.  I simply cut the wire in half. 


Thread the two pieces of wire down through the mesh to the back side of the wreath.  Wrap the wire tightly around the frame to hold the sign in place.



For the finishing touch, I added a variety of glittery picks and feathers randomly around the wreath.  A dab of hot glue on the stems of the picks held them in place nicely.


I hope you have fun crafting this cute little wreath.  Be sure to share it with your Valentine on February 14th. 

Happy Valentine's Day

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