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Mesh Halloween Wreath "Trick or Treat"

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No "Trick" here, just another great mesh wreath idea I am sure you will find to be a real "Treat".

You need :

work wreath

roll of mesh 21" width

roll of ribbon 1 1/2" width

roll of double sided ribbon 2 1/2" width ( works just as good to use 1 sided ribbon)

3 Halloween picks

1 wall hang-up

First you will attach the mesh to the work wreath.  Gather the end of the mesh and attach it to the inside ring of the work wreath using the wire sprigs on the wreath.

Now gather the mesh again about 12 inches down.  Place this gathered mesh in the next sprigs moving counter clockwise. 

Repeat this step all the way around the inside ring and then move to the outside ring and continue all the way around.

Next comes the ribbon.  I used this really neat double sided ribbon. If you don't have this available, no big deal.  Looks just as good with regular ribbon.

Take the ends of both ribbons and attach them to the inside ring of the work wreath using the wire sprigs.  The wider ribbon should be on the bottom.

Continue counter clockwise around the inside ring.  Twist the large ribbon each time so that both side will be revealed around the wreath.

Now cut 12 inch strips of each ribbon.  You will need enough pieces in each pattern for each wire sprig on the wreath.

Take one of each and pinch them in the middle.

Add these to the wreath.  Twisting the wire sprigs around the ribbon pieces.

You may notice in the picture below, I added just a few extra pieces of ribbon in a different pattern.  This was just scrap ribbon 1 1/2"  that I thought would add a little more color.  This is not necessary.  I always look for ways to use up bits and pieces of ribbon.

Cut the wire hanger on the wall plaque  in the middle.

Thread the wire down through the mesh and wrap it around the wire frame.

I arranged my plaque at the bottom of the wreath.

To attach the picks you may need to shorten the stem.  Then stick the end down into the mesh.  If you place them close to a wire sprig, you can twist the sprig around the stem.  If not, apply a dab of hot glue to the end.  The glue will adhere nicely to the mesh.

Just in time for the kiddos who visit you on Halloween.  Enjoy.

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