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Hunting Inspired DIY Mesh Camouflage Wreath

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"A Hunting We Will Go"  Here is a DIY tutorial for the hunting enthusiast in your home.  Follow along and see how easy it can be.

You will need just a few supplies:

1 work wreath

1 roll burlap mesh

1 roll 2" wired burlap ribbon

1 roll 1 1/2" camouflage ribbon

1 antler ornament

1 camouflage cap

1 hunting themed sign

staple gun

floral wire

glue gun


Let's get started.  First we add the burlap mesh to the work wreath. Start on the inside ring of the wreath.  Pinch the end of the mesh and lay it inside the wire sprigs on the wreath.   Twist the sprigs around the mesh to hold it in place.


Now continue adding mesh by gathering the mesh every 12 inches and attaching it to each sprig working around the inside ring of the wreath.


With the inside complete, move to the outside ring and keep adding mesh just like you did on the inside ring.



Looking good.  Now we will add a layer of texture using burlap ribbon.  Simply pinch the end of the ribbon and lay it inside the wire sprig and twist the sprig around it. You can start on the inside or the outside ring of the wreath.


Work your way around the wreath, randomly attaching the ribbon.  Rotate from the inside and outside ring of the wreath.


The next layer will be the camouflage ribbon.  Start on the inside ring and attach ribbon to each of the sprigs on the inside ring.  You will need to pinch the ribbon about every 12" and attach it to the sprigs as you get to them.


When you hace circle the inside ring cut the ribbon.  Now add ribbon to the outside ring in the same manner.



OK, before we add the sign we need to add wire to the back.  I put a staple on the back of the sign, at the top and bottom.  Then I ran wire underneath the staple.


Lay the sign face up on the front of the wreath and feed the wire down through the mesh to the back side.  Wrap the wire around the frame of the work wreath.



Floral wire is needed to attach the antlers as well. Just wrap wire around each antler for balance. Run the wire down into the mesh and wrap around the frame on the back side.



One last hunting trinket is this cut little hat.  A dab of glue on the underneath side of the brim will hold it in place nicely.


A wreath doesn't have to be girlie.  This DIY hunting inspired mesh wreath is a great addition to any door and will be a hit with the guys. 

Happy hunting and crafting!


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