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DIY "Welcome" Easter Bunny Mesh Wreath

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First comes spring, then comes the Easter Bunny.  Get a head start and craft this funny little DIY "Welcome" Easter Bunny Mesh Wreath.  Gather your supplies and let's get started.

Supplies:    2 rolls 10" deco mesh (different pastel colors)

1 roll " burlap mesh with frayed edges

work wreath

1 roll 1 1/2" ribbon

Curled seasonal floral picks

Styrofoam eggs

Wooden bunny wall decor

This wreath is crafted in a simple layering design using the rag technique.  The major step in this design is cutting pieces of the mesh into 13" pieces.  I find it easier to cut all of my pieces before getting started.  You will need pieces cut from all 3 rolls of mesh.

Now that all the pieces are cut, take 1 piece at a time, pinch it in the middle and secure it to the work wreath using the tinsel sprigs.  I started on the inside ring but with this technique you could start on the inside or outside.

Working your way around the wreath, add each color of mesh repeating the pattern all the way around.

When you get back to the starting point, don't stop. Make 2 more loops around , layering the pieces of mesh one over the other.

Once you have made 3 full loops around one ring of the work wreath, move to the other and repeated.

You can see in the closeup below how the frayed ends of the burlap mesh shows up really nicely mingled with the deco mesh pieces. It adds a rustic twist that compliments the wooden bunny.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

For the next layer, cut 13" strips of the ribbon.  

Attach 1 pieces of ribbon to every tinsel sprig on the work wreath.  Inside and outside rings.

I have found the easiest way to attach signs and wall art to a mesh wreath is with stiff floral wire.  In this instance, I inserted the wire underneath the rope hanger provided on the hanging by the manufactor.

Then I simply ran the wire down through the mesh and wrapped it around the wreath frame on the back side of the wreath.

For added whimsy, I cut apart these 3 larger picks and used the curls individually.

I attached each piece randomly around the wreath.  The curls already had a wired center so I inserted the ends down into the mesh and wrapped the wire around the frame.  You could also use hot glue to attach them.

Now one last element that no Easter Bunny is without.  The Easter Eggs.  These dollars store foam eggs are the perfect finishing touch to your wreath.  

Hoppin'  you enjoyed this DIY Mesh Easter Bunny Wreath Project.  

Happy Easter !!

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