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DIY "Turkey" Mesh Wreath

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Thanksgiving is almost here and this turkey's tail feathers are in a curl. This is a great DIY mesh wreath project.

 You need:

1 roll burlap mesh 10" width

1 roll burgundy mesh 10" width

1 roll orange mesh 10" width

1 roll green mesh 10" width

1 work wreath

1 turkey wall hanging


Start by looping the end of the mesh into a bow. The loops need to be approx. 6" wide.img-2827.jpgSecure the bow to the inside ring of the work wreath using the tinsel sprigs


Now move down the mesh approx..  6" and make 2 more loops.  Secure this bow to the next tinsel sprigs on the inside ring.img-2829.jpg

Now that you have the hang of it, continue this process half way around the inside ring.  When you reach the halfway point move to the outside ring and work your way back to the starting point.img-2830.jpg

Next we will work on the feathers.  Before starting, pay close attention the your turkey.  We will follow the color pattern of the feathers on the turkey when adding the colored mesh. My pattern is burgundy, orange, green, orange, burgundy. Roll out the first color mesh and measure 12".  Cut 12' strips


Take the pieces and roll them up.  Attach 3 pieces of rolled mesh at a time using the tinsel sprigs.  Add 3 pieces of curled mesh to the inside and 3 pieces to the outside using the tinsel sprigs behind those on the inside ring.



Cut pieces in each color and add them in order to the top half of the wreath.


For added fullness, I added additional clusters using floral wire.  I attached them in between the tinsel sprigs by wrapping the wire around the center ring on the work wreath.




The final embellishment is the wooden turkey wall hanging.  I removed the wire hanger and replaced it with floral wire.


Insert the wire down through the mesh to the wire frame of the work wreath and wrap it tightly around.



A simple design for your Thanksgiving pleasure. 

Happy Crafting


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