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DIY Thanksgiving MeshWreath

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Here you go.  Another Thanksgiving wreath idea.  

Grab the following items and let's get crafting.

Work wreath

Roll of burlap mesh, 21" width

Roll of 2 1/2" fall ribbon

Roll of 1" solid ribbon

Wall hang-up

Large pumpkin pick.

To build your wreath, start with the mesh.  You will gather the mesh every 10 to 12 inches and attach it using the sprigs on the work wreath.  Start on the inside loop and work clockwise around the wreath. 

When you have circled the inside loop, move to the outside loop and continue all the way around.

Next comes the ribbon.  To prepare,  cut both ribbon patterns into 12 inch strips.  You will need one of each for the twigs on the outside loop of the work wreath.  Brand may vary.  Typically there are 9 twigs.

Take one of each and twist the twigs around the middle.  Putting the larger ribbon in the back. 

On the inside loop, take only the large ribbon and strip it around attaching it using the twigs.

To hold the hang-up in place, just wrap wire around letters at both end.  then run the wire down through the mesh and wrap it around the frame.

Notice I added a bow to define the upper left corner of the wreath.

Finally, stick the end of the pick down behind the hang-up accessory.

Use the twigs on the wreath to secure the top part of the pick.

It looks terrific.  Time to celebrate.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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