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DIY Star Spangled 4th of July Mesh Wreath

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Light up your door in celebration of 4th of July.  You will shine above your neighbors with this DIY 4th of July wreath. Limited supplies required make this a quick and inexpensive project.

Fabric Mesh

Work Wreath

2 rolls of 2 1/2" ribbon (coordinating patterns of red and blue)

Battery operated decorative star

Fabric mesh is a real easy product. Stiff like poly deco mesh, but softer to touch making it easier to form and shape.  To attach it to the work wreath simply gather the end and lay it in the tinsel twigs and twist the twigs around it.

Now gather it again every 12 inches and attach it around the inside ring of the work wreath.

After you work around the inside, move to the outer loop and continue all the way around.

Next add the ribbon, both at the same time.  Gather the ends of each ribbon and twist them in the tinsel twigs on the inside loop of the work wreath.

Attach them halfway around the inside loop leaving approximately 8 inches hanging down at the bottom.

Then repeat the same thing down the other side.

Add a fluffy bow where the ends meet at the top.

Add wire to the back of the battery operated star.

Place the star over the area where the ribbons cross on the bottom. Thread the wire down through the mesh to the back and wrap it around the work wreath frame.

A lovely way to brighten your 4th of July/


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