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DIY Square Burlap Easter Wreath

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For those who like to think outside the box or in this case the circle, a square wreath is for you.  This uniquely shaped DIY burlap wreath displaying a cross is perfect for Easter or any time.  Follow along and see how simple it can be to craft.

You need only a few supplies:

3 rolls of burlap ribbon (5" wide and 30' long)

Square floral wire wreath

2 rolls of ribbon (coordinating color and pattern each 1 1/2" width)

Small wooden cross

Needle and Cross-stitch thread

Floral wire


To get started, you first need to secure the end of the burlap to the wire wreath.  Take the end of the burlap and feed it up between the 2 outer most wires of the wreath.  Wrap the end of the burlap over the outside wire of the frame.  Using a needle and cross-stitch thread, sew the end of the burlap around the wire.


Next pull the burlap up between the 2 outer most wires of the wreath.  Let the burlap make a loop approximately 3".


Now push the loop down toward the wire crossing the wire wreath.


Hold the burlap loop and take the burlap on the back side and twist it.


After you twist it, Tale the burlap sn push it back up through the 2 inside wires of the wreath. Push this loop down to the cross wire.


After you have added several loops you can easily see the wreath starting to take shape. Just a tip, always keep the burlap loops bunched up tightly.  The tension will keep the burlap from pulling back through the wire spaces.


Now you have seen the basic technique used to make this wreath. Continue looping and twisting the burlap until you have gone completely around the square. Note, as you run out of  a roll of burlap ribbon, simply secure the end of the burlap to the frame using the needle and cross-stitch thread.  Begin a new role using the same step.


Craft a bow using both ribbon patterns.


Secure the bow to the upper left corner of the square wreath using floral wire. Run the wire down through the burlap and twist the ends around the frame on the backside of the wreath.



Before adding the cross, I embellished it slightly by adding tiny pieces of the ribbon used in the bow. By hot gluing this ribbon on top of the burlap piece already on the cross, it gives uniformity to the bow and the cross.


Run the string attached to the cross up underneath the bow and down through the burlap to the wire frame of the wreath. 


Believe it or not, that's all you do. 


If you too sometimes feel like a "square peg in a round hole" join me in creating a DIY wreath that suits our personalities and gives a sense of style to our doors.  The finishing touch of the wooden cross is symbolic and most appropriate for celebrating Easter.

I hope you enjoyed this project and I hope you have a terrific Easter.

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