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DIY "SPOOKY" Mesh Halloween Wreath

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All eyes will be on your house this October with a spooky DIY  Mesh Halloween wreath.  Lots of fun and easy to make. Let's get started.

You will need t just a few items:

1 work wreath

Roll of mesh 21 inch width

Roll of mesh 10 inch width

Roll of mesh 2 1/2 inch width

3 tubes Halloween ornaments (eye balls)

4 large glitter picks

Hang up (spooky)

Floral wire

Begin on the inside ring of the work wreath.  Gather the end of the mesh and twist the tinsel sprigs around it.

Move down the mesh about 12 inches and gather it again.

Place the gather in the next sprigs and twist.  Repeat this same process as you work your way around the inside ring of the work wreath. Then move to the outside ring and continue.

The next layer to the wreath is the 10 inch mesh.  Roll out  it and cut 12 inch pieces.

Gather the piece in the middle.

Place the gathered mesh in the sprigs and twist it around the mesh.

Add a piece of the 10 inch mesh to each tinsel sprig on the work wreath.

Now add a layer of 2 1/2 inch mesh on top.  Cut the 2 1/2 inch mesh in 24 inch strips.  Loop the mesh like a bow and secure it with the tinsel sprigs.

Add these looped mesh to each tinsel sprig on the work wreath.

OK, so I bought 4 large picks.  The picture below is the "before"

The picture below is the "after"  As you can see, cut them in many pieces.

I glued all the smaller pieces  randomly around the wreath.  I think it looks awesome.

To make it easy to attach the hanging, I added floral wire to the top.


I ran the wire down through the mesh and wrapped it around the frame of the work wreath.

The finale to this spooky creations is... you got it.  The eyes have it.

This DIY Halloween Mesh wreath is a favorite.

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