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DIY New Year Celebration Mesh Wreath

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Usher in 2016 in style. Let me show you how I crafted a festive DIY mesh wreath to celebrate the New Year! Just a few supplies needed.

16" Work Wreath

Roll of Deco Mesh 21" Width

Roll of 2 1/2" Ribbon

Roll of 1 1/2" Ribbon

1 Long Ostrich Plume

10 Sparkly Picks

A Craft Hat

Wired Fringe

Glue Gun


First let's add the mesh to the work wreath.  Simply gather the end of the mesh and lay it between the sprigs on the inside loop of the work wreath.  Tightly twist the sprigs around it.


Continue adding the mesh around the inside loop.  Gather the mesh every 12" and attach it using the sprigs as you come to each of them. Once you have worked your way around the inside loop, move to the out side loop and continue the same process all the way around.



Next we will cut ribbon.  Cut 12" strips of ribbon in both the 2 1/2 " and 1 1/2".  You should cut 16 strips of each. Note, some work wreaths have 18 sprigs.  In that case you would cut 18 strips of each ribbon. 


Now layer the 2 ribbons, largest on bottom, and pinch them together in the middle.


Place the pinched ribbon strips in the wire sprigs and twist tightly to hold them in place.  Add 1 strip of each ribbon size to each wire sprig on the wreath.



OK, so now get your glue gun ready and let's add the bling.  Put a small dab of glue on the stem of the glitter pick and stick the stem down into the mesh.  The best place to insert the stem is where the sprigs are on the wreath.


Add the picks around as desired.


Before adding the hat, let's give it a little flair. Add a dab of glue to the end of the plume.  Then push the stem down into the top of the hat.


To secure the hat, I used fringe that had a wire in the middle.  If you can not find this, simply use floral wire.  Wrap the wire around the hat twisting it together on the back of the hat.  Them run the wire down through the mesh to the back side of the work wreath frame.  Twist the wire around the frame.




Would you believe that is all there is to it.


Start your celebration early and make you home the star of the neighborhood with this sparkly "Happy New Year" wreath. 

From my home to yours have a "Happy New Year" !

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