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DIY Mesh Wreath "Dig In"

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This whimsical DIY garden inspired mesh wreath was crafted with a child care learning center in mind.  But it is a great project for a play room in your home.

Here is what I used:

1 roll deco mesh

1 12" straw wreath

1 garden theme sign

1 1/2" ribbon (3 various pattern)

Assorted 4" plastic garden tools

Floral pins


Not just cute, this is crazy simple to make. Start with the mesh. Pinch the end and attach it to the straw wreath by pushing a floral pin down through the mesh and into the straw wreath. Start on the inside of the straw wreath.


Next move down the mesh about 6 inches and pinch it again.  Secure it to the wreath using floral pins. Allow approximately 2 inches between the floral pins.


Continue around the straw wreath.  When you have added mesh around the wreath once, make another loop around the wreath along the outer side of the first loop.  Continue this step until you have cover the front of the wreath.  This will take the whole roll of mesh.



The garden sign is simple to attach.  Because of the split in the wood, floral wire will easily slide down inside and will be hidden.


Pull each end of the wire to the back and twist them together tightly.  Trim any excess wire.


Directly to the right of the arrow, attach a small bow.  Craft the bow using 3  pieces of 1 1/2 inch ribbon.


For the finishing touch, hot glue the plastic garden tools randomly around the bow.



Really colorful and fun.  Your kids will "dig" this DIY mesh wreath.

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