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DIY Mesh Waving Jack O'Lantern Halloween Wreath

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This is one of the easiest wreaths ever.  And what a kick kids will get out of seeing this funny little guy.  Follow the tutorial below and see how quick and easy it is to make the DIY Halloween.  I am sure you will want to try this one.

The only supplies you will need are: 

Roll of black deco mesh (21" width)

18" Straw wreath

2 Rolls of ribbon (2 1/2" width, coordinating colors and pattern)

Stuffed jackolantern

Small wooden "Trick or Treat" sign

Floral Pins

Floral Wire


Getting started.  Attach the mesh to the straw wreath using the floral pins.  To do this, pinch together the end of the mesh and push a floral pin down through the mesh into the straw wreath. Don't try to get all the mesh under one pin.  Use a couple of pins so the mesh will lay flat. You should start toward the inside circle of the wreath.


 Now continue adding mesh around the wreath. Approximately every 6 " pinch the mesh and attach it to the straw wreath with floral pins.  The pins should be spaced approximately 3" apart. The smaller loops will not only provide a firmer foundation to attach embellishments, it will  give a denser appearance which will better hide the straw wreath underneath.


When you have worked all the way around back to your starting point keep going.  Allow the mesh to come along beside the first row. Continue lapping the wreath until you have used the whole roll of mesh.  You should be able to go around the wreath 3 times.



Simple so far, right?  Well adding the ribbon is a piece of cake.  Holding both patterns together, secure the ends to the wreath by pushing a floral pin down over the ends and into the straw wreath. Of course you should do this between  the loops of mesh.


Add the ribbons around the mesh attaching every two mesh loops. For added interest, I rotated the order of the ribbons.


When I circled the wreath, I used the remainder of the ribbon to craft a bow.


All that is left is to add the decorations.  First the wooden sign.  Attach a piece of floral wire underneath the sign, between the sign and the stack attached to it.


Next take another piece of floral wire and thread it through the back of the jackolantern.


Place the 2 accessories on the front of the wreath at your desired angle.  Take the wire attached wire and insert it through the mesh to the back side and wrap the wire around the straw wreath. Note, when making a wreath using this technique, always arrange decorations so the wires attached to them will align between the mesh loops.  This will aid in hiding the wire and avoid mashing the mesh down. For an extra detail, I glued the hand to the stack of the sign.


And we are done.  A DIY Halloween mesh wreath that even the most inexperienced crafter would master.  Give it a try and add Halloween whimsy to your door. I bet it brings a chuckle to your guest when they are greeted by the friendly fellow waving at them.

What a "treat" to share ideas. Enjoy.


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