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DIY Mesh Thanksgiving Wreath "Welcome Friends"

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Here is a festive DIY mesh Thanksgiving wreath that you will have a "hoot" crafting.  Follow along with me and let's have some fun.

You will need the following materials:

1 24" work wreath form

1 roll of burgundy deco mesh (21" wide)

3 rolls of 1 1/2" wide ribbon, varying patterns, coordinating colors

2 Fall leaf floral stems

6 Large "curly" floral picks

Fall yard stake


Of course the mesh goes on first.  Starting on the inside ring of the work wreath, pinch the end of the mesh and lay it in wire sprigs on the work wreath and tightly twist the sprigs around it.  Continue your way around the inside ring, pinching the mesh every 10 to 12 inches and securing it with the wire sprigs as you go.  When you have rounded the inside ring, move to the outside ring and continue until you have circled the outside ring.



A real time saver is to add all 3 ribbons at the same time.  This is easier when working with 1 1/2" ribbons.  Hold the 3 ribbons together and pinch the ends.  Lay the ribbons in the sprigs over the mesh and twist the sprigs around the ribbon.  Continue this around the wreath, randomly rotating back and forth using the sprigs on the inside and outside rings of the work wreath.




To attach these fun curly floral picks you will first need to cut the stem off.  Leaving about 3" remaining.


Insert the stems around the outer edge of the wreath.  Stick the stems into the wreath where there are wire sprigs.  Use the sprigs to hold the picks in place.  You may use a dab of hot glue to give added stability.  I added 6 picks, evenly spaced around the wreath.


To cover the ends of the curly picks, let's use some warm colored fall leaves.  2 floral stems full of leaves will be plenty.  Clip the stems into multiple smaller picks.


Insert the stem down into the mesh over the sprigs holding the curly picks. Use hot glue to secure the stem.  Fluff the leaves so that they spread out and look like they have just fallen.


Now for a fuller looking wreath, make a couple of loops with the ribbon and attach them in between each of the curly picks and leaves.



The only thing left is attaching the yard stake.  Cut the wooden stake off even with the sign.  Add floral wire to the top and bottom of the sign.  Run the wire down through the mesh to the back side of the wreath frame and wrap the wire around the wire frame.




That was so much fun.  And this big-eyed bird will make a big statement on your door all through this fall season.  Thanks for letting me share this DIY mesh Thanksgiving wreath project with you.


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