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DIY Mesh Teal Peacock Wreath

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Nature at it's finest.  This DIY mesh peacock inspired wreath is the perfect accent to dress up any room.  Simple to make.  Here is all you do.

Start with the right supplies:

1 16" work wreath

1 roll 21" deco mesh, with burlap threads

1 roll 5" deco mesh, green

1 roll 2 1/2" sheer turquoise ribbon

1 roll 2 1/2" printed ribbon

3 grape vine decorative balls

6 peacock feather picks

1 peacock measuring approximately 20" from head to tail


Getting started. Gather the end of the 21" mesh and starting on the inside loop of the work wreath, lay the gather in one of the tinsel sprigs and twist the sprigs around it tightly.


Continuing around the inside ring, gather the measure every 13" to 14" and attach it using the tinsel sprigs.


Work your way all the way around the inside ring then move to the outside ring and continue working all the way around the outside. Note the further apart the gathers in the mesh are, the fluffier the wreath becomes.


To a add our first pop of color, take the 5" mesh and make 2 loops. You will need a strip of mesh approximately 20" long to make sufficient loops. Pinch the looped mesh in the sprigs and twist tightly.


Add a piece of looped mesh to each of the tinsel sprigs on the outside ring of the work wreath.  Add to only every other one on the inside ring.  Does your look like this?


Good job.  Now take both rolls of the 2 1/2" ribbon and pinch the ends of them together.  Lay the pinch in the sprigs on the inside ring of the wreath and twist. Continue adding the ribbon, both pieces together, around the inside ring.  looping it over to the next sprig.  Pinch the ribbons and twist in the sprigs.  Stay on the inside ring.



Now for the outside ring, let's cut the ribbon in strips.  Cut the ribbon in 14" pieces.  Cut 9 pieces of each color.  Cut ribbon will give an airy look to this feathery creation.


Take a piece of each ribbon and pinch them together in the middle.  Add the pieces, one on top of the other, in the springs on the outside ring.  Add two pieces of ribbon to all the sprigs on the outside ring except 1..


On the one odd sprig we will craft a bow of about 6 loops and attach it using floral wire.  This bow will serve as a nest to support the peacock/.


Next add the grapevine balls using hot glue or floral wire.  The heavier balls may require a piece of floral wire. The wire will weave easily through the ball and can be wrapped around the wire frame of the work wreath.


The peacock I used had wire in the feet.  I simply pushed the wire down into the mesh and bent it around the frame.  Don't be defeated if you can't find a peacock just like mine. Any peacock will work and can be attached simply using floral wire.


With the bird in place, I added the feathers around the wreath using hot glue. 


"Pretty as a Peacock"  Hope you enjoy making a peacock inspired wreath of your very on.

Happy Crafting

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