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DIY Mesh Light-up Christmas Wreath

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It doesn't take a lot of accessories to craft a really nice door wreath.  Follow this DIY Christmas wreath tutorial and I will show you how to craft this lovely  wreath using only 4 items.  All of which are easily found in local craft stores.

The 4 supplies needed are:

16" work wreath

1 roll of paper mesh

1 roll plaid ribbon 2 !/2" wide

Battery operated light-up sign with lights


I chose the paper mesh because it has a matte finish unlike the glittery finish of deco mesh.  First add the paper mesh to the inside ring of the work wreath..  Gather the end of the mesh and place it between the wire sprigs and twist the sprigs tightly around the mesh.


Continue to gather the mesh every 10 inches and attach it using the sprigs as you work you way all around the inside ring.



When you have finished the inside ring, cut the mesh and start the same steps over on the outside ring of the work wreath.  I cut the paper mesh because it is thicker than the deco mesh.



For a pop of color, we will add the plaid ribbon.  Start on the outside ring.  Pinch the ribbon and lay it in the sprigs.  Then twist the sprigs around the ribbon.


Add ribbon all the way around attaching it with the wire sprigs.  Alternate attaching using the inside and outside sprigs.  This will make a sort of zig-zag pattern.


To attach this cute light-up sign, I used the wire hanger already on the sign.  Twist the sprigs on the wreath around the wire hanger.


Finish it off with a lovely bow using the plaid ribbon and your wreath is complete.


Light up your Christmas with this simple DIY mesh wreath.

Merry Christmas


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