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DIY Mesh Holiday Wreath Tutorial "Candyland"

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Christmas candy favorites.  This sweet DIY mesh wreath brings out the kid in all of us :) Peppermint sticks and candy canes will make the perfect greeting for your guest this season. This simple wreath can be crafted in minutes.  

Supplies From Your Local Craft Store:

Roll of Deco Mesh 21" Width

24" Work Wreath

Roll 1 1/2" Ribbon

Package of Foam Tubing

8 Peppermint Christmas Picks

Candy Cane Christmas Spray Pick

Foam Christmas House Decoration


Starting on the inside ring, pinch the end of the mesh together and attach it to the work wreath using the wire garland sprigs.


Working your way around the inside ring, gather the mesh every 12" and attach it around the inside ring with the garland sprigs.  When you have circle the inside ring, move to the outside ring and attach mesh in the same manner all the way around the outside ring.



To add the ribbon, twist the garland sprigs around the end of the ribbon.  Start on the inside ring of the work wreath.  Continue adding mesh all the way around the wreath using the garland sprigs to attach it.  Rotate from the inside ring to the outside ring.  Back and forth in a zig zag pattern. To do this you will skip every other sprig.  Each time you attach the ribbon, make two loops with the ribbon.  A quick tip, be liberal when attaching the ribbon.  Allow the ribbon to lay loosely over the mesh.  Avoid pulling the ribbon tight from sprig to sprig.




You will add the foam tubing in sort of the same manner.  However, use the sprigs that are not holding ribbon. Weave the tubing around the wreath.  I love this product for this wreath.  It looks likes a big green string of liquorice.



The styrofoam house will easy stick to the wreath with a little hot glue on the back.  Position the house on the lower right side of the wreath.


Now fill in the wreath using the peppermint picks.  Put a dab of glue on the end of the stem and stick the stem down into the mesh.


For a finishing touch, clip the floral pick into separate pieces.  I selected only a few pieces to go on the wreath.


Hot glue to pieces to the wreath around the roof of the house.  I add one to the bottom of the house.   


Too stinking cute.  Try crafting this candy themed wreath today.



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