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DIY Mesh Happy Halloween Wreath

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If you are scampering around for those last minute decorations for your Halloween party, this DIY Mesh Happy Halloween Wreath is a great idea.  Perfect for walls, windows or doors. 

All you need is:

Work Wreath

Roll of Deco Mesh 21 inch width

2 Rolls of 2 1/2 inch width ribbon. Coordinating patterns

6 berry style picks

Halloween yard stake

Starting on the inside ring gather the mesh and secure it using the tinsel sprigs.

Continue gathering the mesh every 12 inches and secure it as you move clockwise around the inside ring.  

When you have circled the inside ring, move to the outside ring and repeat the same process. Notice in the picture below, I left a bit of mesh hanging down when I had circle around the outside ring.  This will define the bottom of the wreath.

Now cut 12 inch pieces of each ribbon patterns.  Don't forget to cut chevrons in the ends.

Take one piece of each patterns and add them to the tinsel sprigs around the wreath.  Leave only one sprig without.  This should be the sprig over the long piece of mesh.  Look closely at the pictures.

To fill in the empty space, craft a bow.  This will anchor the sign.

Cut the wooden stake of the sign. Apply a little hot glue to the back of the sign and stick it right onto the mesh.

Adding the berry stems is easy.  Simply stick the stems down through the mesh to the wire frame and wrap the stem around the frame.

Nothing could be more simple nor more decorative.  Enjoy.

Happy Halloween

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