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DIY Mesh Halloween Wreath "Sassy Cat"

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This cat is dressed and ready to spook you.. This is a fun DIY mesh wreath with color and glitz and a dazzling black cat who is ready to celebrate.  You only need a few basic supplies to craft this Halloween wreath.

Supplies:  1 16" black work wreath 

  1 roll black deco mesh 21" width (with metallic stripes of green, orange and purple)

       1 roll orange deco mesh 12" width

  1 package lime green mesh tubing

  8 purple glittery floral picks (assorted is fine)

  6 purple glittered balls

  1 decorative cat. Artificial Only. LOL

  Glue gun, wire cutters and floral wire


First goes the black mesh.  Gather the end of the mesh and twist the wire sprigs of the work wreath around the gather.  Start on the inside hoop of the work wreath


Now move down the mesh approximately 12" and gather it again.  Attach it to the work wreath using the next wire sprigs on the inside hoop.


Continue adding mesh in this manner around the inside hoop.  When you have circled the inside hoop, move to the outside and continue all the way around the outside hoop.  Does yours look like this?


Next we will add the orange 10" mesh.  But first we need to cut it into 12" pieces.  You will need 1 piece for each wire sprig on the work wreath.  The number could vary but typically there are 18 sprigs on a work wreath.


Once the pieces are cut, take a piece and pinch it in the middle.


Secure this piece to the work wreath using the wire sprigs.  This technique is often referred to as the "Ruffle" technique.  Add a piece to each wire sprig on the inside and outside hoop.



Our next layer is the lime green tubing.  Holding the end of the tubing make a couple of loops holding the middle in your fingers.


Place the middle in the wire sprigs and twist the sprigs tightly around the tubing.  It is important to twist in the same direction as when adding the orange mesh.


Move down the tubing about 10 to 12 inches and make loops again.  Attach tubing to the next wire sprigs. 


Continue adding tubing around the inside hoop and then around the outside hoop.


Time to heat up that glue gun.  We will add a floral pick around the outside of the wreath.  I added one on top of each of the wire sprigs.  A dab of glue to the stem of the pick will hold it in place.  I alternated the arrangement so that no like kinds were beside each other.


Next we will glue a glitter ball over the sprigs on the inside  of the wreath.  I covered all but one at the bottom.  This is where I will attach the cat.



I found this fun little cat at a local gift shop.  But there are lots of decorative Halloween cats available.  I am sure you will find one that you will love.


Floral wire is perfect for attaching your cat. I wrapped floral wire underneath the brim of the hat.  If your cat doesn't have a hat, you can wrap wire around the neck.  Using wire to attach it will make it easy to remove for repurposing later.


Add an additional piece of wire around the cat's leg that lays next to the mesh.  Two pieces of wire will make it stable.


Turn the wreath over and thread the wires through the mesh to the back side.  Tightly wrap the wires around the metal frame of the work wreath.


The glitter will sparkle and the cat will delight guest all through this Halloween season.

Hope you enjoy crafting your DIY Halloween mesh wreath.


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