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DIY Mesh Easter Wreath

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All the colors of Easter displayed on your front door.  Follow along and see a unique technique for crafting the DIY Mesh Easter wreath. 

You need just a few supplies:

4 Rolls of 10" Deco Mesh. Each in a different color.

16" Work Wreath

2 Curly Easter Floral Picks

1 Easter Bunny Pick

Wooden Easter Sign

Floral Wire


The first thing you will do is cut the mesh in 12" pieces.  A quick way to do this is roll all 4 rolls layering them on top of each other.



Cut the entire roll of each color mesh.  The pieces will automatically roll. Take one piece of each color and roll it tighter.


Take all 4 pieces of the rolled mesh and pinch them together in the middle.  Place them in the wire tinsel sprigs on the work wreath and twist the sprigs tightly around them.


That is basically all you do.  Add a pieces of rolled mesh in each color to every tinsel sprig on the work wreath.  On both the inside and outside loops of the wreath.  When you have completed that, take the remainder of the rolled pieces and add the 4 colored pieces in between the sprigs using floral wire to secure them in place. This will  make your wreath really full.



Next attach the wooden sign.  Add floral wire to the back of the sign.


Now thread the wire down into the mesh and through to back side.  Wrap the wire around the wire frame of the work wreath.



Put a  little hot glue on the end of the bunny stem and push the stem down behind the wooden sign.



Snip the other picks into smaller pieces and add them around the wreath. Hot glue on their stem will hold them in place.



How easy was that? In just minutes you can craft this DIY wreath perfect for welcoming the Easter Bunny to your home this year.

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