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DIY Mesh Christmas Wreath "Baby It's Cold Outside"

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Baby It's Cold Outside!  So stay inside and craft this fun DIY mesh Christmas wreath.  This frosty fellow will bring a warm welcome to your door this holiday season.  I love how simple it is to craft!

You will need the following supplies:

24" Work Wreath

Roll of 21" Deco Mesh

2 Rolls 1 1/2" Ribbon

Package Deco Mesh Tubing

2 Glittery Snowy Stems

Snowman Sign

Floral Wire and Glue Gun are a staple for any craft project


Begin by gathering the end of the mesh and attaching it to the work wreath using the tinsel twigs.  Start on the inside ring of the work wreath.


Add the mesh completely around the inside ring by gathering it every 12 inches and attaching it with the tinsel twigs as you come to them.


When you have circled the inside ring, move to the outside ring and continue the same step all the way around.


Yours should look like the picture above.  Now we will add ribbon.  For time sake, add both ribbons at the same time. Pinch the ends of the ribbon together and place them in the tinsel sprigs over the mesh already attached.  Twist the twigs around the ribbon tightly to hold it in place.


Add the ribbon around the work wreath using the twigs to attach it.  Alternate from the inside and outside ring..


We will layer the mesh tubing right over the ribbon.. Attach the tubing following the same pattern as the ribbon.  Each time you attach the tubing to the wreath, make a couple of  loops in the tubing.




In the picture above you notice at the starting and stopping point I did not loop the tubing.  Craft a bow to place in this area.  This will designate the bottom of the wreath.


The metal snowman has a metal stake attached to it.  Insert the stake down underneath the bow at the bottom.  The wire attaching the bow to the wreath will help hold the stake in place. Note, it may be necessary to cut the stake off to avoid it sticking out of the mesh.


For additional stability, wrap floral wire around  underneath the snowman's hat and down through the mesh to the backside of the wreath.  Wrap the floral wire around the work wreath frame.


Next cut the glittery stems into pieces..  Arrange the pieces around the wreath.  Secure them using a dab of hot glue.



These snowflakes bring a smile to this fellow's face and this whimsical DIY mesh wreath will bring a smile to your guest this winter season. 

Happy Crafting.


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