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DIY Haunted House Halloween Mesh Wreath

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Everyone loves a haunted house.  How about hanging one on your front door?  A  DIY "Haunted House" mesh wreath is sure to attract all the ghost and goblins to your house this Halloween.

You will need a few supplies before you can start:

Work wreath frame

roll 21" mesh wreath

roll 2 1/2" ribbon

roll glitter tinsel

package of mesh tubing

feather/glitter Halloween picks

lighted haunted house


Starting on the inside ring, gather the end of the mesh and secure it to the work wreath using the sprigs on the wreath frame.


Now measure out 14" and gather mesh again.  Place the gather in the next set of sprigs working around the inside ring of the  work wreath.


Continue this process around the inside ring and then move to the outer ring and repeat all the way around.


1st layer of color is the ribbon.  Begin with adding it to the inside ring.  Gather the end and attach it with sprigs rigt over the mesh.


Gather the ribbon every 8" or so and add it around the inside ring.



For the outside ring, cut strips of ribbon approximately 30".  Gather the ribbon about 4" from each end and attach it using 2 set of sprigs on the work wreath.  Look at the picture below.


Continue this step, adding ribbon all the way around the outside ring. Note you will cross over  the ribbon ends.



2nd layer of color is the glitter tinsel. This is simple just string the tinsel around the inside ring and then the outside ring.  Use the wreath sprigs to secure it.


Before adding any more embellishments we will attach the house.  I used floral wire and wrapped it tightly around the middle of the house.  The wire is thin enough not to be noticed from the front side.



Next take the feathery picks and hot glue the around the outside.  The best place is where there are sprigs.  I glued a pick over every other sprig on the outside ring of the wreath.



Now for the final embellishment.  Take the mesh tubing and make a few loops in the end.  Take the loops and secure them in the sprigs on the outside ring.  Of course attach them where there are no feather picks.   Now work around the wreath alternating from the outside ring to the inside ring.  Each time doing loops only on the outside.  You should end up with loops on every other sprigs on the outside ring.





img-2798.jpgDid I mention the house lights up.  Spooky by day and spookier by night.  But don't be frightened away from crafting this DIY mesh wreath.

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