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DIY Deco Mesh St. Patrick's Day Wreath "Shamrock Welcome"

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Hold on to your hats.  You can craft this DIY mesh St. Patrick's Day wreath faster than you can say "Leprechaun".  Follow along and see.  You only need a few supplies.

1 work wreath

1 roll paper mesh

3 rolls ribbon 1 1/2" coordinating patterns and color

Wooden hat  hanging accent


Ready, set, go!  Roll the mesh out 11 inches and cut across the width.


Fold this in half and cut into 2 pieces.  This will give you 2 pieces each approximately 11" x 11" in size.


Take the 11" x 11" piece and gather it up the middle.



Attach the gathered piece of mesh to the work wreath using the tinsel sprigs.


Gather another piece and attach it on top of the first one.


Now you have the basic technique for making this wreath.  You will need to cut a total of 16 pieces of mesh.  This will give you 2 pieces to add to each of the sprigs on the wreath. 


Next cut 16 strips in each ribbon pattern.  Each piece should measure 11" long.


Take 1 piece of ribbon in each pattern and pinch them together in the middle.


Attach to the wreath over the mesh using the tinsel sprigs.


Add this ribbon trio to each of the tinsel sprigs on the wreath.


To attach the wooden hat, use the wire already on there.  Twist the wire around one of the tinsel sprigs.  If your hat is too heavy you may need to feed the wire down to the wire frame of the work wreath.


Terrific looking wreath to add a splash of green to your door.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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