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DIY Coastal Christmas Mesh Wreath

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If you live or spend time on the coast during the Holidays, this DIY number is ideal.  A Christmas wreath with a coastal touch.  

To start you need a work wreath and a roll of mesh.  I chose this plaid fabric mesh.  I cost a bit more than the Deco mesh but it is a great product to work with.  I think it is perfect for this theme.  You will also need pipe cleaners.

I always start on the inside ring of the work wreath.  So gather the end of the mesh and secure it to the wreath using the tinsel sprigs already attached to the wreath.

Now measure out 6 inches from where you secured it.  Then gather the mesh.  Wrap a pipe cleaner tightly around the gather and secure it to the work wreath using  the pipe cleaner.

Now from that point measure another 6 inches, gather the mesh and secure it to the work wreath using the tinsel sprigs.

Now repeat these 2 steps all the way around the inside loop of the work wreath .  Then move to the outside loop and  continue all the way around.

For a neater look, turn the wreath over and trim off the ends of the piper cleaners.

For the Christmas touch, I chose these candy cane picks that had leaves and berries.  And nothing says coastal better than star fish.

Bend the ends of the picks and insert them down into the mesh.  A dab of hot glue to the end of the pick will hold it in place.

You can also use the tinsel sprigs on the wreathe by wrapping them around the middle of the pick.

I found this 2 1/2 inch ribbon and crafted a bow for the top of the wreath.  I also made a few loops to add around the side of the wreath.

For the finishing touch, I hot glued the starfish to the pick.  I tried to glue the star fish on top of the candy cane pick to disguise where the pick is inserted into the mesh.

It is a simple design but I think this DIY Christmas mesh wreath offers a classic look for any coastal home.


Merry Christmas

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