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DIY Christmas Wreath

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If you like snow as much as this little guy, then you are sure to love this DIY Christmas wreath.

The very first thing you will need to "get your craft on" is a roll of mesh, 21' width and a work wreath.  I selected this burlap mesh because of the fluffy white thread running through it.

So now start on the inside ting and attach the gathered end of the mesh using the tinsel sprigs.

Next measure 12 inches of the mesh and gather it.  Place the gather in the next tinsel sprigs.  Repeat this step as you work your way around the inside ring of the work wreath.

Then move to the outside side and continue all the way around.

The next layer is the ribbon.  I chose a variety for this wreath.  different colors and sizes. {2 rolls of 1 1/1" and 2 rolls of 2 1/2"}

Now the tricky part.  Working on the inside ring.  Take the large ribbon and the 2 smaller ribbons and pinch their ends together.  Place the pinched end in the tinsel sprigs.  Keep the wiger ribbon laying in the middle.

String the ribbon from sprig to sprig but do not go all the way around.  Look at the picture below.  You will see I left one sprig untouched.  This will be the space for the snowman.

Let's work on the outside ring.  Cut 12" strips of ribbon.  I chose the 2 wider ribbons and 1 smaller.  Cut enough ribbon strips for each tinsel sprig on the outside ring.

Place on of each ribbon strips in the tinsel sprig and twist.

Just a little embellishment with a snowman wall ornament and 3 large snowflake picks.

I used hot glue on the back of the snow man head to hold it to the front of the mesh wreath. I positioned it to the left side of the wreath. You will need a very light weight snowman.

I crafted a bow and attached it to the lower right side of the the wreath.  Just to the right of the snowman's cheek.

Finally to bring on the snow.  I clipped the snowflake picks into smaller picks.  Then I dabbed a little hot glue to the end and inserted the stem down into the mesh.  I place the snowflakes randomly around the wreath.  This is where you can be really creative. Make yours original.

While this DIY mesh Christmas wreath is durable enough for the front door, this little guy will be an inside guest in my home through the holidays.  


Merry Christmas

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