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DIY Captain America Wreath

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Made by special request to use as a baby shower decoration, this  Captain America wreath will also be displayed as nursery décor for a special little boy's room.  You don't need any super powers to craft this DIY wreath. So quick and easy, even the youngest  caped crusader can help.. 

You will only need:

1 14" Styrofoam ring

3 packs of rope (1 red, 1 white, 1 blue)

3 squares of felt with adhesive back (1 red, 1 white, 1 blue)

4 " wooden craft disc.

4 " wooden letter

Glue gun


Holding the end of the rope on the back side of the Styrofoam ring and begin wrapping the rope around.


Wrap the rope over the end several times to keep it from unwrapping.


Continue wrapping the ring until you have covered half.


Using the same technique, wrap the other side with the red rope.


I wrapped small sections at the top and bottom with white.  3 at the top and bottom each about 1 inch wide.

Now to make Captain America's "shield" simply cut circles out of the felt.  You will need 1 red circle to be the size of the 4" wooden craft disc.  Then cut a white one 1 inch smaller.  Next cut another red one 1 inch smaller than the white one and lastly cut a blue circle 1 inch smaller than the smallest red circle..


Cut a star shape out of the white felt and place it in the center of the blue circle.


Attach the largest  red felt circle to the wooden disc.  Then layer the other circles one on top of the other according to size, large to small.  The adhesive felt pieces will easily adhere to each other.  Simply peel of the paper  on the back.


Apply a little glue to the back of the wooden disc and press it in place on the wreath.  Dab a bit of glue to the back of the wooden letter and press it above the "shield".

You can change the colors and letter to customize this DIY wreath to suit your little one.  This will be a "Super" hit with boys and girls.


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