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DIY Burlap Wreath "Scarecrow Pumpkin"

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Greetings from the pumpkin patch.  This is one of the easiest DIY wreaths ever.  In just minutes you can create this adorable burlap wreath. Follow this quick tutorial and I'll show you just how simple it can be.

For this craft project you will need:

1 work wreath frame

3 rolls of 12"wide burlap (15 feet each roll)

variety pack of raffia (3 colors)

Scarecrow approx. 18" tall

Small wicker basket

8 small pumpkins

Floral wire & glue gun are a must have for any crafter


The very first thing you will do to make this wreath is to cut the burlap.  I recommend cutting all the pieces needed for the whole wreath  right from the start.  You will need 36 pieces of burlap cut in 12" strips.


Gather a piece of burlap in the middle. Gather the cut ends.  This will keep them from fraying.



Secure the piece of burlap to the work wreath frame using the wire sprigs. Add a piece to each of the wire sprigs on the work wreath, inside and outside rings. When you have finished, go back and add another piece over the top of the burlap first added. Remember to always twist the sprigs in the same direction.





This wreath is all about layering.. Next we will layer raffia strings over the burlap.  Cut the raffia in 12 inch strings. While raffia is fairly easy to work with it is quite messy.  I cut all the raffia at once and piled the different colored strings.  Then I took several strands of each color and attached it to the wreath using the wire sprigs on the work wreath. Add raffia to each of the wire sprigs on the work wreath.




To attach this adorable scarecrow, just use floral wire.  Wrap the floral wire around the middle. The pattern in his shirt will disguise the wire.


Thread the wire down through the burlap and wrap it around the wire frame of the work wreath on the back side.


Do the same with the basket.



Glue a few pumpkins in the basket and around the wreath and you are done.


One of my most favorite DIY fall burlap wreaths. This one for sure should make your fall craft project's list this year.

Happy Crafting

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