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DIY Burlap Valentine Wreath

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Expressions of Love with a little country charm.  In this tutorial I'll show you a DIY burlap wreath that is the perfect accent to any little girls room.  It looks great displayed on the front door for Valentine's Day too.

Here is my supply list:

14" Straw Wreath

Pink Burlap Ribbon (5" width, 30 feet)

Yellow Burlap Ribbon (1 yard)

1 1/2" Off White and Teal Ribbon (1 yard)

Sign with the word "LOVE"

Floral Pins

Floral Wire Sticks

Staple Gun


I like to start on the inside of the straw wreath.  Gather the end of the burlap and push a floral pin down through the gather, into the straw wreath.


Move down the burlap about 7" and gather it again.  Push another floral pin down through the gather into the straw wreath. The pins should be spaced approximately 2" apart.  This is about 2 finger widths.


Seems too easy right?  Well that is all there is to it.  Continue around until to meet your starting point. 


Now start a new row on the outside edge of the straw wreath.  Follow the same technique as with the inside row.


Finish it off with a row down the middle, using the same technique as the other two rows.  I save the inside row until last only to cover the edges of the burlap on the  inside and outside rows.


Next using the yellow burlap, I threaded a floral wire stick through the outside edge of the burlap.  A floral wire stick works best for this because sticks are usually stiffer than the wire on a paddle. Weave the wire through the entire yard of burlap ribbon.  For a more ruffled look, you can use more than a yard.


When you have threaded the burlap, bend the wire together.  This will make the burlap take the shape of a flower.


Craft a bow with the 1 1/2" wire.  Make a small loop on the inside and then 6 loops.  Use floral wire to hold the loops of the bow.


Take the wire holding the bow and insert the two ends of the wire down through the burlap flower. Make sure the ends are separated and wrap them around the straw wreath. The wires should meet on the back side of the wreath. Twist the wires together,




Last but not least, adding the sign.  Using a staple gun, staple a floral wire stick to each side of the sign.  On the back of course.


Turn the sign over and lay it in place on the front of the wreath.  Run the wires down through the burlap and wrap them around the straw wreath.


A lovely DIY burlap wreath.  What a wonderful way to add a little "LOVE" to your home. 

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