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DIY Burlap Valentine Wreath

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You a just a few steps away from this cute little number. This simple wreath is the perfect DIY wreath project for a beginner or even a young crafter. All you need is:

2 rolls red burlap ribbon

2 rolls chevron print ribbon

2 wooden craft hearts

1 small bottle of pink acrylic craft paint

1 straw wreath

1 wooden arrow with the words "Happy Valentine's Day"


Before getting started you should paint the hearts pink.  This will allow drying time before you are ready to use them.


Starting on the inside circle of the straw wreath. Gather the red burlap and insert a floral pin down through the burlap and into the straw wreath.


Move down the burlap approximately 5 inches and gather it again.  Allow approximately two inches from the first floral pin and insert the second one.


That is all there is to this simple wreath design. Continue around the inside  ring until you have gone all the way around.


Start a second row of red along side the first row.



Now add two rows of the grey chevron.



Now to add the decorations.  First the wooden arrow.  Cut the wire hanger already attached to the arrow.


Insert each wire down into the straw wreath.  The wire should be stiff enough to hold the arrow in place.  You can put a dab of hot glue on the end of the wire before inserting it to add stability.


Bend the wire to hold the arrow in place according to your preference.


All that is left is to add these two wooden hearts.  Simply apply a little hot glue to the back and lay them as desired on top of the burlap.


Two hearts wishing you a "Happy Valentine's Day"  A great DIY Valentine's wreath.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day

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