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DIY Burlap Turkey Thanksgiving Wreath

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In this DIY Thanksgiving Wreath Tutorial I will show you a unique burlap wreath inspired by this turkey's tail feathers. A whimsical addition to your Thanksgiving décor.

There are minimal supplies needed for this simple wreath. 

18" straw wreath

1 roll  tan burlap

1 roll red burlap

1 roll yellow burlap

floral pins

floral wire

decorative metal turkey


The very first thing you will do is to cover the straw wreath by wrapping burlap all the way around it. Secure the ends by pushing floral pins through the burlap into the straw wreath.


Now let's use the tan burlap to craft what will appear to be the turkey's nest.  Take the end of the burlap and pinch it together.  Push a floral pin through the burlap down into the straw wreath to hold the burlap in place.


About 5 inches down the burlap, pinch it again. Attach it  to the straw wreath using a floral pin. The floral pin should be space approximately 2 1/2 inches from the first one.


This is the basic the process of the entire wreath.  Continue attaching the burlap in this manner about 1/3 the around the straw wreath.  This should be approximately 9 loops.


When you have reached the 1/3 mark, flip the burlap over and work back around the other direction.



Now let's start adding the colored burlap.  The colored burlap is intended to resemble the tail feathers of the turkey. Start with the red.  Take the end of the red burlap and attach it next to where the tan burlap stops.  Position the burlap so that the end is pointing away from the tan burlap. Push a floral pin through the end.  Now flip the red burlap over the floral pin going the other direction.  This will hide the end of the burlap.  Look closely at the images below for example.



Next, gather the burlap every 5 inches and attach it to the straw wreath with floral pins every 2 1/2 inches.  Add the red burlap until you meet the other end of the tan burlap .


Now that you have this technique down, add a row of  yellow burlap along beside the red burlap.  Then add another row of red along beside the yellow.  If you will notice, the burlap now has taken the same pattern as the feathers on the turkey.



We will attach the turkey in the center of the wreath using floral wire,  Add one piece of wire underneath the hat.  Add another piece of wire between the body and the feathers.



The next trick will make it easy to stabilize the metal turkey.  Make loops in the end of the floral wire.  Push a floral pin over the loop into the straw wreath on the back side of the wreath.  Do this with the wire on each side and the one under the hat.



A DIY wreath idea that can be crafted in minutes.  Give it a try and see what fun you will have crafting this burlap and turkey inspiration.



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