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DIY Burlap Starfish Flag Patriotic Wreath

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Pay tribute to our country.  This DIY burlap wreath is a simple display but a wonderful way to express our pride to be an American.  Not just for the 4th of July but every day.

You will need

Roll of tan burlap (30 feet)

Roll of red burlap (30 feet)

2 yards denim fabric

18" floral wire wreath

12 tiny starfish


First let me call your attention to the spaces designed on this floral wire wreath.  Each space designated by a cross wire.  A total of 8 spaces.


Begin by pulling the end of the red burlap up through the 2 inside rings.


Secure the end using a needle and thread.


Now pull burlap loops up between each row of wire rings.


Squish the loops together so that they bunch up.  The cross wire will prevent them from sliding around the ring..


From the backside of the wreath, twist the loose end of the burlap.


Next you will again loop the burlap up through the wire rings.  Starting with the inside ring.


Continue this until the space between the 2 cross wires is filled with burlap loops.  Then cut the end of the burlap and secure it to the wreath using needle and thread.


Now that you have the hang of it, Skip the next space then start over with the red burlap.


You will actually fill 3 spaces with red burlap.  Leaving an empty space between each.


Using the same technique, fill the spaces in between with tan burlap.


Before moving on, cut your denim fabric into 5" strips.  Note, if you cut them in the length of the fabric you will have longer strips thus limiting the number of time you will have to start and tie off pieces.


Add the denim strips just as you did the burlap.  Filling end the remainder of the spaces on the wreath.


To finish off,  hot glue the tiny starfish on top of the denim fabric.

The steps for this patriotic wreath are simple.  It may take a bit longer than other crafted wreaths but the end result is well worth the extra effort.

Hope you enjoy your DIY "flag: wreath.

God Bless America.

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