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DIY Burlap Mesh "Fisherman" Wreath

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Whether you have a beach house or a lake house, this DIY burlap mesh wreath is sure to "catch" the eye of      neighbors.  An easy rustic look that takes minutes to make!

You will need the following:

1 roll of burlap mesh

1 work wreath

1 roll of 2 1/2" ribbon

1 roll of 1 1/2" ribbon

8 feet of nylon rope

5 weight floats

rustic fish wall hanging


Start by adding the burlap mesh.  Take the end of the mesh and gather it together.  Place the gather in the wire sprigs on the inside ring on the work wreath and twist the sprigs around it.


Next gather the mesh every 12" (approx.) and attach it using the sprigs as you work you way around the inside ring of the work wreath.



When you have completed the inside ring move to the outside ring and continue the same process.


Next let's add some color.  Start by cutting your ribbon.  Cut 12" strips of each ribbon size.  You will need to cut enough to have a strip in each size for every wire sprig on the outside ring of the work wreath.


Layering the 1 1/2" ribbon on top of the 2 1/2" ribbon, pinch them together in the middle and secure them using the sprigs on the outside ring of the wreath.


Remember, add a set of ribbon to each sprig on the outside ring.


Next using only the 1 1/2" size ribbon, run it around the inside ring.  Attaching it from sprig to sprig.  Avoid pulling the ribbon tight.  Allow it to puff a bit. 



Ok now we will string the weight floats.  You will see in the picture below that I tied a knot on each side of the floats. as I strung them.  This is a necessary step to keeping the floats from sliding up and down the rope.


A tip when working with rope: use tape around the end of the rope when cutting and singe the end with match or lighter.  This will keep the rope from fraying.


String the rope around the inside ring of the wreath.  Twist the sprigs around the rope next to the floats.  Let the rope lay in different directions along with the floats.  The idea of a random unfixed positioning will give it a more natural look.


To attach the fish, simply use the wire hanger on the fish.  Run the wire down through the mesh and wrap it around the wire frame of the wreath.



The rustic nautical look is always a crowd pleaser.  This DIY burlap mesh wreath is sure to inspire the Fisherman in your house.


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