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DIY Burlap Christmas Wreath "Woodland Bird House"

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This DIY tutorial will interest those who like to stick with traditions at Christmas time.  Nothing is more traditional than red birds, snowy branches, berries and of coarse Christmas plaid. This tutorial will show how to craft a DIY burlap wreath using these timeless elements.  Here is all you will need:

2 rolls  of burlap, 5" width in Christmas green

1 straw wreath 14"

1 snowy branch with berries

1 red bird pick

1 distressed bird house

floral pins


Always start on the inside.  Gather the end of the burlap, place the gather on the straw wreath and push a floral pin through the burlap into the straw wreath. Very simple.


Move down the burlap approximately 6" and gather it again.  Place the gather on the straw wreath and push a floral pin down through the burlap into the straw wreath.  Allow about 2" between the pins or approximately 2 finger widths.


Repeat this process all the way around the inside of the straw wreath.


Cut the burlap and start the process over.  This time on the outer edge of the straw wreath.


Work your way all the way around the outer edge.


Now that you have the hang of it, add one last row of burlap around the middle of the wreath.  By doing the middle last, you will cover the ends of the other two rows of burlap giving your wreath a more uniform look.


The embelishments I choose for this wreath will be easy to add. The birdhouse came with a piece of rope already attached.  Pull the rope up through the top burlap and secure it to the wreath with a floral pin.


Fluff  the burlap loops to hide the rope.  The birdhouse will rest nicely in the center of the wreath.


The stem of the snowy branch is made of a stiff wire. Hold the branch straight up and alighn the stem with the left corner of the birdhouse. Push the stem down into the straw wreath.  Push the stem in as far as possible without piercing through the backside of the straw wreath.


Now bend the wire stem back so the branch will lay on top of the burlap. The stem should lay to the left side of the birdhouse. Most likely you will have to use both hands to bend the stem.



The red bird is on a stick making it easy to attach.  Simply push the stick down through the burlap into the straw wreath. I placed the bird on the upper right side of the wreath.



Adding a simple bow made with Christmas plaid is the perfect finishing touch.


This DIY burlap wreath boast of a classic christmas look certain to bring holiday cheer throughout the season.

Merry Christmas


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