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DIY Boo Halloween Mesh Wreath

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Nothing scary about this ghost.  Wouldn't he look terrific hanging out on your door this Halloween.  Follow this short tutorial and see how quick and simple it is to make this DIY Halloween wreath and let this friendly fellow welcome your guest this season.

Here is a list of the supplies. They are available at most craft supply stores.

1 work wreath frame

1 roll stripped deco mesh

1 roll of 2 1/2" ribbon ( 30 ft. roll )

1 roll of 1 1/2" ribbon

1 pack tinsel ribbon

1 large floral pick

2" wooden craft letters (B O O)

1 ghost lawn stake


The first step is adding the mesh to the inside ring of the work wreath. To do this gather the mesh every 10 to 12 inches and attach it using the wire sprigs. When you have gone around the inside ring move to the outside ring and continue attaching mesh all the way around.


When you have attached the mesh around the inside and outside rings you will start adding ribbon. We will use the 2 1/2" ribbon first. Start by making  2 loops with the ribbon.


Attach the loops to the outside ring of the work wreath using the wire sprigs. Unrolling the ribbon as you go, move to the next sprigs.  Make 2 more loops and attach it.  Move back and forth from the outside ring to the inside ring, unrolling the ribbon as you go, making loops and attaching them to the work wreath.  There is no real pattern in adding the ribbon. Be random, the key is to make sure the color is distributed evenly.



The next  step is basically the same.  Add the 1 1/2" ribbon, attach it over the top of the other ribbon. Weaving from the inside to the out side, crossing over the wider ribbon. I added loops when attaching this ribbon to the outside ring.



The final layer is the wire tinsel.  Simply attach it randomly around the wreath.  Secure it with the wire sprigs on the work wreath. This is such an easy product to work with. Bend and shape the tinsel so that is raises off the wreath giving a 3-D effect.  Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong way to add this.  You can't mess up.



To attach the ghost, run floral wire underneath the vest.  This is a great place because it hides the wire.  Then thread the wire down through the mesh to the back side of the wreath and wrap it around the wire frame of the work wreath.



Hide the metal stake underneath the ribbon.


Now to get really creative.  The floral pick that I selected came with jack-o-lanterns on it.  I decided to remove them and hot glue the letters B O O  in their place.



To attach the pick, angle the stem sideways and stick it down behind the ghost.


Next cut a piece of the wire tinsel approximately 12".  Wrap the tinsel around the frame of the wreath and thread both ends of the tinsel up through the back side of the wreath.  Then wrap the tinsel around the stem of the floral pick.  Curl the wire tinsel and it will look like an accessory.


Add a few more tinsel curls to add color around the inside of the wreath and this DIY Halloween wreath is ready to be hung on the door. 


Here's wishing you a Happy Halloween.


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