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DIY Beach Inspiration Mesh Wreath

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Here a DIY mesh wreath perfect for those passionate beach lovers.  Colorful and simple.  So quick you'll still have plenty of time to heat the waves.  To get started you need a 24" work wreath and as roll of mesh, 21" width. I chose a burlap thread striped mesh.

To attach the mesh to the work wreath start at the end.  Gather the end of the mesh and place it in the wire wprigs on the inside ring of the work wreath.  Twist the sprigs around the mesh.

Now just gather the mesh ever 10 to 12 inches and secure it using the sprigs as you work your way around the inside ring.  The picture below will demonstrate how simple it is.

When you have circled the inside ring, move to the outside ring and continue adding the mesh the same way.

Now let's add some color and frill. I chose 4 different ribbons that coordinated with the mesh. 2 that were 1 1/2 inch and 2 that were 2 1/2 inch.

Cut the ribbons into 12 inch pieces.

After you have cut chevron ends to the ribbon, take 1 large and 1 smaller width pieces and pinch them together.  Place the pinched ribbons in the wire sprigs and twist the sprigs around it.

Rotate the colors just so you use 1 large and small width piece on every wire sprig on both the inside and the outside rings of the work wreath.

Don't you love those colors? But we are not finished.  Next let's add some accessories to give it a beach theme.

You will need an inspirational beach sign, 5 silk flowers and 2 pairs of child size flip-flops.

Attaching the sign can be a bit tricky but you can do it.  Use the wire that comes on the sign.  Cut the wire in the middle and thread it down through the mesh and wrap it around the frame of the work wreath.  

Trim the stem of the flower leaving only about 6 inches.  Thread the stem down through the mesh letting the flower stick out from the mesh about 2 inches.  This gives the wreath dimension.

Take the end  of the flower stem and wrap it around the wreath frame.

All those who wish to declare "Every day to be a beach day" raise your hand and get crafting.  

Happy Summer!

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