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DIY 4th of July Celebration Wreath

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This DIY mesh wreath uses a variety of sparkling accessories to make it a fun way to celebrate the holiday.

First you will need the basics: 

Work Wreath

Royal Blue Deco Mesh 21" Width

Red Deco Mesh 10" Width

Package of Glittered Netting.

Start on the inside loop of the work wreath.  Gather the mesh and place it between the wire sprigs of the work wreath and twist them around the mesh.

Working your way around the wreath continue to gather the mesh every 10 to 12 inches and secure it to the wreath using the sprigs as you come to them.

When you have circled the inside loop, move to the outside and continue the process.

Next we will add the red.  Roll out the mesh and cut 12 inch pieces.  Note: you will need 1 piece for every wired sprigs on the work wreath.

Pinch the piece of mesh together in the middle.

Place the pinch in the wired sprigs and twist them around the mesh.

Add a piece of red mesh to every sprig on the work wreath.

Now do the same with the white glittered netting.  Measure and cut 12 inch pieces.  One piece for every sprig on the work wreath.

Your wreath look really festive at this point.  The netting looks like confetti.  But we aren't done.  Now let's add a few accessories. I chose:

Glittered Rocket Picks

Sparkle Spray Picks

A Patriotic Sign

I add the sign first since it is the biggest item.  For this, I cut the ribbon already attached to the sign for hanging.

Thread the 2 ribbon ends down through the mesh to the back and tie them around the frame of the work wreath.

Now fill in the various picks around the sign.  Simply insert the wire stem of the pick down through the mesh and wrap it around the frame of the work wreath.

If you have difficulty wrapping the wire of the stem, you can always us a dab of hot glue.

Who would love to hang this patriotic wreath on their door this 4th of July.  Celebrate in style with your own DIY mesh wreath.

Have a safe  holiday.

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