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Trick Or Treat Mesh DIY Halloween Wreath

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Trick Or Treat Mesh DIY Halloween Wreath

Let this colorful little guy welcome all those goblins visiting your house this Halloween. Your DIY Halloween Wreath is just a few simple steps away. Let's get started.

You will need the following items:

  • 16" orange work wreath form
  • roll of orange deco mesh - 21" width
  • roll of 2 1/2" black net ribbon
  • 3 rolls of 1 1/2" ribbon - 1 zebra print, 1 purple white polka dots, 1 green white polka dots
  • small rectangular "Trick or Treat" sign
  • colorful spider with wire legs


Mesh goes on first. Gather the end of the mesh and lay the gather in between one of the wire sprigs on the work wreath. Start on the inside ring.


Move down the mesh approximately 12" and gather it again. Place this gather in the next wire sprigs on the inside ring of the work wreath.


Repeat this process around the inside ring then move to the outside ring and continue. When you have added mesh around the outer ring cut the mesh leaving approximately 12" hanging on the bottom of the wreath.


Now add the black net ribbon. From the end of the ribbon, go up 12" and pinch the ribbon together.


Starting directly above where the excess mesh is hanging, place the pinched ribbon in the sprigs on the outer ring and twist tightly. Since the sprigs are already securing mesh, it is important that you always twist in the same direction. This will avoid having the mesh become loose.


Allow the ribbon to lay loosely over the mesh to the next wire sprigs. Pinch the ribbon and secure it to the wreath with the sprigs. Continue adding the ribbon all the way around the outside ring of the work wreath. You should have a pinch about every 12".



When you have finished, cut the ribbon leaving 12" hanging. Then add ribbon to the inside ring using the same technique. However, there is no need to leave any ribbon hanging.


Next let's prepare the other ribbon for use. Cut 12" strips of in each of the ribbon patterns. Cut 1 zebra print ribbon strip for each of the wire sprigs on the work wreath. Divide the number among the other 2 ribbon patterns.


Take 1 zebra print and 1 of the other prints and pinch them together in the center.


Secure the 2 pieces of ribbon to the wreath using the wire sprigs.


Add 1 zebra print and 1 polka dot print ribbon strips to each wire sprig on the wreath. Alternate the color of polka dot ribbon each time.

Halloween Mesh Wreath How To Make

Our little leggy friend will need a little wire attached to hold him in place. Use floral wire and wrap it around the body in between the legs.


You will also need to add wire through the holes on the end of the sign.


Run the wire down into the mesh and through to the backside. Wrap the wire around the wreath frame on the back side.



Now remember the mesh and ribbon left hanging down at the bottom? Well that was so we could add a little extra support for the sign. Without the support the weight of the sign would flatten the wreath. Take the end of the ribbon and mesh and tuck them back up underneath the mesh loop supporting the sign. It should stay in place on its on but you may use floral wire to hold it in place.



How To Make A Halloween Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Don't let this project spook you. With just a few craft tricks you can treat yourself with a whimsical DIY Halloween Wreath.

Happy Crafting


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