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Pumpkin And Sunflower DIY Fall Mesh Wreath

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Sunflower Mesh Fall Wreath DIY Tutorial

Fall into the season with this DIY mesh wreath. The warm colors of rust, gold and brown will say "Welcome Fall" if this lovely fall wreath is displayed on your front door. The steps are easy. Follow along and make one for your home.

Supplies You Will Need:

  • 1 Roll of Striped Burlap Mesh (21" width)
  • 1 16" Work Wreath
  • 3 Rolls of Ribbon (1 1/2" width) 1 plaid, 1 brown, 1 orange
  • 9 Floral Picks with Berries and Twigs
  • 4 pumpkins (3" diameter)
  • 5 pumpkins (2" diameter)
  • 1 Large Bush of Sunflowers (with large and small flowers)
  • Floral wire
  • Glue Gun


Add the striped mesh to the work wreath first. Simply gather the end of the mesh. Starting on the inside, place the gathered mesh in the wire sprigs on the work wreath. Twist the sprigs tightly around the mesh.


With the end of the mesh secured, begin working down the mesh and around the work wreath. Gathering the mesh every 10 inches and securing to the work wreath using the wire sprigs as you come to each one. When you have added mesh around the inside loop, move to the outside loop and continue until you have completely circled the outside loop.



Now that the foundation has been formed, let's add the embellishments. Beginning with the ribbon. We will add all 3 ribbons at the same time.


Starting with any sprigs on the outside loop of the wreath, Pinch together the ends of the 3 ribbons. Place the pinched ribbon in the sprigs and twist the sprigs tightly around the ribbon.


Move down the ribbons approximately 10" and pinch them together again. Note, the length may vary depending on how puffy the mesh is. The trick is to let the ribbons lay loosely over the top of the mesh. Secure the pinched ribbons using sprigs on the inside loop of the work wreath.


Continue adding the ribbons around the wreath. Alternating where it is attached, front to back, back to front, weave the ribbons randomly. You will not use every sprig on the inside and outside loops.


You are doing great so far. Now let's add the berry picks. There are 10 sprigs on the outside loop of the work wreath. We will add a pick to 9 of them leaving one empty. The empty one will be the area designated as the bottom of the wreath. To add the picks, put a dab of hot glue on the stem and stick the stem down into the mesh over the sprigs. Remember some sprigs will have ribbon and others will not. The stems should adhere easily in either case.



Next we will add pumpkins. First add the large ones. With the bottom of the wreath closest to you when facing it, place the 4 large pumpkins around the inside of the wreath. A dab of hot glue on the back of the pumpkins will hold them in place nicely. Add the 5 smaller pumpkins randomly around the outside of the wreath. Glue them over the top of the berry stems where the stem go into the mesh. Not only will this make the wreath look fuller from a side view, it will also disguise the stems of the berry picks.



To add the final embellishments to our wreath you will need to cut the sunflowers away from the bush. Leave a stem approximately 2 inches on each of the flowers.


Focusing on the inside first, add a large sunflower in between each of the large pumpkins. To secure them, put hot glue on the stem and push the stem down into the mesh. For ease, put the flowers where there are wire sprigs. This provides an opening for the stem and the flower will hide the wire sprigs. Don't place a flower in the area designated as the bottom of the wreath.



Now add smaller flowers over the stems of the remaining berry picks on the outside of the wreath. This will complete the needed fulness and spread the golden color of the sunflower to the outside. Again making your wreath look more pleasing from a side view.



Craft a bow with the 3 ribbons used on the wreath and attach it to the bottom using floral wire.


All done. A DIY mesh wreath you are sure to "Fall" in love with.

Happy Crafting!


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