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DIY Burlap Wreath Tutorial “Coastal Retreat”

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DIY Burlap Wreath Tutorial Coastal

With summer quickly approaching, it's time to go "coastal". This DIY Burlap Wreath tutorial offers a great idea for crafting a coastal themed welcome wreath for your front door that will give your home the look of a "Coastal Retreat". Your neighbors are sure to pay you a visit wearing their flip flops and sunglasses.

To make this summer wreath you will need:

30" straw wreath

3 rolls of burlap ribbon

1 roll of net ribbon

2 yards of rope

wooden nautical welcome sign

wooden seagull

floral pins

floral wire


Ok first let's add the burlap. To do this, gather the end of the burlap. Starting on the inside of the straw wreath, secure the gathered burlap to the wreath by pushing a floral pin through the burlap into the straw wreath.


Next, move down the burlap approximately 6 inches and gather it again. staying in alignment with the first floral pin, press another floral pin through this gather into the straw wreath. You should allow approximatelry 2 inches between the floral pins.


Continue this method around the inside of the wreath.


When you have completed the inside circle, take another roll of burlap and begin the same process on the outside of the wreath.


When the outside is complete, move to the middle and start with another roll of burlap. Attach the burlap around the center of the wreath in the same manner as before. When you have finished attaching the burlap it should look like the picture below. Note: you can manipulate the burlap and fluff it in order to cover any raw edges and to hide any places the straw wreath underneath might show through.


Using more floral pins, add the net ribbon around the wreath. It is not necessary to use a lot of floral pins to do this. Securing it about every 3 loops of burlap will be sufficient to hold the ribbon in place.



Now it's time to add the welcome sign. Simply run floral wire through the pickets on the sign and then wrap the wire around the back of the straw wreath.


To add a more nautical flare to my coastal wreath I added rope. If you would rather just use the ribbon, that would look great too. I secured the rope with floral wire. It is really easy to hide the floral wire behind the rope and between the loops of burlap.


For the finishing touch, I added a small wooded seagull.


This wreath idea is not just for summer. For those who enjoy a coastal life style, this can be use year round.

Hope you enjoy this easy DIY burlap wreath project.

Make plans now to visit the coast this summer.


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