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DIY Mesh St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

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DIY St. Patrick's Day Wreath Idea

St. Patrick's Day is a festive and fun Irish tradition that has become a classic American holiday over the years. The green color hues provide a creative opportunity to craft festive wreaths for the celebration. This mesh ribbon wreath tutorial is really all about happiness! It was just as fun to make as it is to look at. The chevron and Polk-a-dot ribbon add to the whimsical lettering on the sign. Follow along to craft this mesh wreath all by yourself!

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For the basic wreath you will need:

21" roll of deco mesh

10" roll of deco mesh

2 1/2" roll of chevron ribbon

1 1/2" roll of polkadot ribbon

30" work wreath form

"Happy St. Patrick's Day" hanging

First things first. I began by adding the mesh to the work wreath. This is simple, gather the end of the mesh and lay it on the work wreath between two wire sprigs. Twist the sprigs around the mesh. One twist will be enough.


Then I moved down the roll of mesh about 14" , gathered it again and attached it to the work wreath form with the wire sprigs. I continued this same process all the way around the inside ring and the outside ring of the work wreath form.



Then to add fullness, I cut the 10" mesh in 8" pieces. It will naturally curl up.


I took the curled mesh and attached it to the work wreath each place there were wire sprigs. I only gave the sprigs a little twist to hold the mesh in place because I will come back and add ribbon over the top.


Then I cut the two ribbons into 12" strips with "duck tail" ends. I cut 22 pieces of each ribbon. So I would have one of each for each wire sprig on the work wreath form.


Stacking the the two ribbons, I place them on top of the curled mesh and twisted the sprigs around it. I put ribbon all the way around the wreath at each wire sprig.



I love it. Feeling really crafty that day, I decided to make some of the accessories myself. Here is what I used:

Wire garland

Mesh tubing

Craft paper (I chose a green glitter foam paper)


The wire garland is bendable product found in most floral departments. I used white with an iridecent glitter. I bent the garland into a flower shape and then took the tubing and formed a smaller flower shape and placed it on top. I secured the two shapes together with a piece of the wire garland.

Create Unique Ribbons For St. Patricks Wreath

To hide the where the two flowers were adjoined, I cut shamrocks out of the foam craft paper.


I think it is a fun and unique little flower. I like to have one of a kind items that are different from what you would find in every craft store. I had enough material to make 3 flowers. They were really easy to attach to wreath. I simply ran the garland wire down through the mesh and wrapped it around the work wreath frame

The "home-made" flowers gave the wreath a 3-D effect that added more whimsy. The finishing touch was the "Happy St. Patrick's Day" sign which I just wired to the wreath frame with floral wire.

Have a little fun and make one of your own. Kids will love it and you"ll smile every time you look at it :)


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