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DIY Deco Mesh Valentine Wreath "Make it Personal"

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Mesh Valentine Wreath

Valentine's Day presents a fantastic opportunity for crafting. So many bright, bold colors are associated with the holiday; light pinks, dark reds, and glittery romantic hues of each. This DIY mesh wreath tutorial will show you how to craft a valentine wreath that will make all of your neighbors jealous. What a fun way to add a personal touch to your door for Valentine's Day! Follow along to learn how to make this valentine mesh wreath.

Just a few items are needed to complete this simple wreath:

1 work wreath

1 roll 21" deco mesh

1 pack of tube ribbon

1 roll of 1 1/2" ribbon

1 wooden glittered heart approx. 8" tall

1 4" wooden letter

floral wire

glue gun


Getting started. Begin by attaching the mesh to the work wreath. Starting on the inside loop, take the end of the mesh and twist the wire sprigs around it fastening it to the wire frame.


Move down the mesh about 10" and fasten with the next wire sprigs. Continue completely around the inside loop and then move to the outer loop and continue this process completely around the outer loop.


Adding the ribbon is an easy step. Simply follow the same path as with the mesh, twisting the wire sprigs around the ribbon. Make sure not to pull the ribbon tight as you move from sprig to sprig. Generously allow the ribbon to puff a bit to give a fuller look. Once you have completed the inside loop. Cut the remaining ribbon and move to the outer loop. Then follow the same steps in adding the ribbon to the outer loop. Note, unlike with the mesh, cut the ribbon and start over on the outer loop.



Now to add the tube ribbon. This is a great product. The wire inside the tube makes it easy to manipulate into what ever shape you like. It is really easy to work with. On this wreath I made 4 loops and added streamers down the side. Sorta looks like a flower made of shoe strings.


Attach the tube ribbon to the wreath using floral wire. Take the streamers and just place them around the wreath, tucking it in the mesh. The stiffness of the ribbon will hold its shape, Twist the twigs up to keep the tube ribbon from falling forward.


Next I made a few loops out of 1 1/1" ribbon and attached it to the middle of the loops of the tube ribbon.



Now to personalize this wreath, I added the letter "S" to the middle of a red glittered heart using my glue gun.


Then I simply glued the heart to the lower right side of the wreath.



Wow, That was fast. That's all there is to it. This simple wreath will look great on your front door and after Valentine's Day it is a really cute accessory to a little girl's room.

Have fun making your own personalized Valentine wreath.


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