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DIY Christmas Mesh Deco Wreath "O Christmas Tree"

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DIY Christmas Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Get your Christmas tree ready for Santa. This whimsical tree is a great accent for your door or to hang anywhere in your home. It’s quick and easy. I’ll show you how.

DIY Christmas Mesh Deco Wreath Materials

Here is a list of materials needed:

Christmas tree shaped work wreath

1 green roll of deco poly mesh with foil

1 roll of ribbon

8 Christmas ornaments

2 Christmas picks

Floral wire

Scissors and wire cutters

Hot glue gun

Let's begin.

Staring at the top point, attach the mesh all the way around the outer wire of the tree form.

Christmas Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Once you make it back to the top, move to the inside wire and attach mesh completely around the inside.

How To Make DIY Christmas Tree Wreath

Now let’s decorate it. Add ribbon attaching it to the stems on the wire frame. It is really shaping up. Add extra ribbon to the top making a bow. Wow, step back and take a look at your Christmas tree.


No tree is complete without the ornaments. Simple hot glue ornaments around your tree. Don’t leave any bare spots.

DIY Mesh Deco Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Now to top it off, simply slide Christmas picks down into the mesh behind the bow at the top of the tree. And there you have it, a beautiful tree just in time for Santa.

How To Make Mesh Christmas Wreath

You did a great job. Now with your tree complete and presents wrapped, it is time to sit back and enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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