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DIY Mesh Spring Ladybug Spiral Wreath

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Spring is almost here and these little ladybugs will be jumping for joy soon.  This DIY spring mesh wreath can be made in a jiffy and is a colorful site all the way from the neighbor's porch across the street.  Follow this tutorial for quick and easy instructions.  

You will need the following supplies:

16" Work Wreath

Roll of Burlap Mesh 21" Width

Roll of Deco Mesh 10" Width

2 Roll3 of 1 1/2" Ribbon (18 ft. each roll)

1 Daisy Stem

3 Bug Garden Stakes


Step 1. Add burlap mesh to the work wreath form.  Gather the end of the roll and place in the sprigs on the inside ring of the work wreath.


Move down the mesh approximately 12 inches and gather it again.  Place that gather in the next sprigs on the inside ring.


Continue this routine around the inside ring.  Once you have circled the inside ring, move to the outside ring and continue until you have added mesh all the way around the outside ring.


Step 2.  Add smaller mesh and ribbon.  Start with the 10" mesh.  Cut the mesh in 10" pieces.


Roll the piece of mesh. 


Add 2 pieces of the rolled mesh to each of the sprigs on the work wreath.



Now add the 1 1/2" ribbon.  Cut the ribbon in 20" strips.  Make loops with the ribbon piece.


Add looped ribbon to every sprig on the wreath except for one.  Leave 1 empty sprig in the inside ring.



Make a bow with the 1 1/2" ribbon and secure it to the lower right hand corner.


Step 3.  Get out the glue gun. Remove the daisy top from the stem.  Add a dab of hot glue to the back of the flower and place the flower in the center of the large bow.


Remove the stems from the garden bugs.  Put several dabs of hot glue on the back and place the bugs as desired on the wreath.

If you are bugged about having the right wreath on your door, craft this ladybug delight!  This DIY wreath is perfect for the spring and summer months.

Happy Crafting!

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