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DIY Mesh Spring Wreath

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What a happy wreath.  Doesn't it make you smile?  You will really smile when you see how simple this "DIY Mesh Spring Wreath" is to make.  Not a lot of supplies needed for this wreath.  Just...

roll of mesh 21" wide

work wreath

2 1/2" ribbon

1 1/2" ribbon

7 foam flowers chose ribbon and flowers with polka dots for fun.

To attach the mesh, gather it every 10 to 12 inches and place the gather in the tinsel sprigs and twist the sprigs around it.  I always start on the inside ring of the work wreath.

Add mesh all the way around the inside ring and move to the outside and add mesh all the way around.

Ok let's add the wide ribbon first.  Take the ribbon end and twist tinsel sprigs on the outside ring round it.

Now weave the ribbon all the way around attaching it using the tinsel sprigs.  Alternate from inside to outside ring.

Now to the same thing with the smaller width ribbon.  This time attach the smaller ribbon opposite of the wider ribbon.

Before adding the flowers, the stems will need to be cut off leaving only about a 5 inch stem.

Insert the stem down through the mesh.

Wrap the stem around the work wreath frame on the back side.

Next cut 12 inch strips of the 2 ribbons. Add 1 of each width as a filler around the wreath.  Use the sprigs and twist them around the ribbons.

Add a big fluffy bow and your happy spring polka dot creation is complete.

This DIY mesh wreath will be a hit for sure.

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